The online store allows the customer to exchange the purchased goods, within 14 days the exchange applies to footwear that was not made according to. special customer guidelines.

In a situation where the customer, after receiving the goods in accordance with the order and corresponding to the content of the concluded contract (full-value goods), finds that he wants to exchange the goods - the customer has the right to exchange the purchased goods for another of the same value. The customer must contact via e-mail [email protected] and set the terms of the exchange. Then print the GOODS EXCHANGE form and attach it to the returned goods.

Send the footwear to: Glamoursy, Ul. Mokotowska 51/53, 00-542 Warsaw


The customer has the right to withdraw from a distance or off-premises contract within 14 days without giving any reason, if the goods have not been "personalized" modified by the customer (e.g. skin color, adding insulation)

Return the goods within 14 days.

Individual orders „ PERSONALIZATION” are not returnable or exchangeable.

We respect the time of each of our clients, as well as the time of our POLISH CRAFTSMEN!

Making one pair takes several dozen hours of craftsman's work and requires years of practice.


  • Fill out the return form</li >
  • Pack the goods together with the return form with all other items - freebies, if it was issued
  • (there is no need to print an electronic invoice),
  • Send to: Glamoursy, Ul. Mokotowska 51/53, 00-542 Warszawa

Before sending the package with the return, inform us about the return by e-mail [email protected]

Direct costs of returning the Products are borne by the Customer.

The customer is obliged to properly protect the goods before shipping (the product should be packed in the same way as it was delivered)

The money will be returned in the form in which they were sent to us (BLIK, PayPal, PayPo, traditional transfer, etc.)

Download return form


The Seller undertakes to deliver Products free of physical and legal defects, unless the Product description shows that the Product is not of full value.

In the event of Product defects, the Seller is liable to the Customer who is a Consumer or Entrepreneur with consumer rights of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, and to Entrepreneurs on the terms set out in the Civil Code.

In order to consider the Product complaint:

  • send the complained Product, if possible with the proof of purchase attached to it, to the following address: Glamoursy, Ul. Mokotowska 51/53, 00-542 Warszawa,
  • describe the defect, date of its creation and your claim in detail. For this purpose, you can download the complaint form,
  • pack the goods together with the return form and fiscal receipt and all other items - freebies,
  • before sending the package, please send us an e-mail to the e-mail address < a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]. However, this is only a recommendation that can help in the complaint process.

The Seller undertakes to consider each complaint regarding the Product within 14 days.< /p>

Information about the settlement of the complaint will be provided to the Complainant in particular by sending him an SMS or e-mail.

The complaint is not subject to:

Please remember to use your footwear for its intended purpose. We would like to remind you that outdoor footwear is not suitable for sports and tourism, and should not be used as work footwear.

    • natural wear and tear:
      • abrasion of shoe soles ,
      • abrasions from glitter elements - the inside of the footwear,
      • piling of laces,
      • footwear with obvious defects (visible on the day of purchase),
      • < li>abrasion of insoles and linings,
      • deformations caused by poor fitting of footwear to the foot,
      • worn heel tips of footwear,
      • colored interior of footwear, e.g. black may be discolored depending on the individual needs of the PH of human skin,
      • abrasions from glitter elements - the inside of the footwear,
      • differences in the color of the sole, discoloration of the sole.
      • </ul >
      • mechanical damage caused by the User and third parties:
        • bruises,
        • abrasions,
        • cracking of the lacquer coating,
        • < li>minor superficial cracking of the leather face or the laminated covering layer in the bending areas of the shoe, efflorescence and traces of wet leather damage,
        • abrasion of heel counters from putting on or taking off laceless shoes,
        • heel collapse due to point load on the sole, e.g. when driving a car or putting it on without a spoon,
        • wearing footwear with inaccurate/loose laces, which in turn causes abrasion of the heels,
        • discoloration of the logo sticker on the heel under the influence of sweat or its abrasion,
        • discoloration resulting from soaking or perspiration),
        • worn heel tips of shoes,
        • difference in color and structure of the leather, as well as folds and wrinkles caused during use resulting from the natural properties of the leather.
      • damage caused by improper or lack of maintenance,
      • natural changes in the material from which the goods were made,</ li>
      • damages caused by washing the goods.

Adjustment of footwear to the foot size is the User's responsibility.

A complaint is considered correct if the advertised product is complete and meets the basic hygiene rules. The customer is obliged to submit the advertised goods clean, without dirt and hygienically harmless.

The complaint will be considered within 14 days from the date of receipt of the advertised product in accordance with applicable law in the field of warranty (in particular the Civil Code art. 556-576).